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The Loxahatchee Permaculture Initiative at SunSport Gardens is now Official!
Come join us and volunteer to make this a reality.

Why Permaculture and What is Permaculture

Permaculture is a method of integrating the growing of human food and the natural processes of Nature. It has very high yield and a very small impact on native forest life. It seeks to increase diversity using only the natural relationships found at work in a forest.
It is also more than a way to grow food, Permaculture recognizes the harmonies and
communities found in nature and incorporates those qualities to create a paradigm where ethics and social awareness are integral to the processes and way of life known as Permaculture. Much along the lines of Naturism in terms of philosophies.
Permaculture has been a rapidly growing phenomena in the last 20 years and has attracted people of all ages and sexes. Especially people who are drawn to nature and have a strong belief in social awareness and environmental ethics. In this regard the marriage of Permaculture and Naturism is a natural and will ensure the values of Naturism will survive into the twenty first century.

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