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First Time

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First visit to Sunsport

If this is your first visit to Sunsport, we recommend that you pack what you would if you were going to the beach.  This means a towel to dry off with and to sit on (at all times), suntan lotion and/or sunscreen, sunglasses, hat.

You may want to bring your own beer, wine, etc. since we do not sell alcohol.  Delicious meals are available in our restaurant so no need to pack a lunch.  We have plenty of lounge chairs so no need to bring your own.

Pets are welcome, just be sure to pack a leash and some plastic bags to pick up after your dog.

Children are always welcome at Sunsport and are free with a paying adult.  However, if your child is not potty trained please bring waterproof diapers for the pool.


First Visit to a Nudist Resort

Nude recreation is becoming increasingly popular for relaxation, developing a positive body image, and relieving stress.  At Sunsport Gardens you will find a wholesome, friendly atmosphere where people are comfortable with themselves.

This is a not a place for swingers as overt displays of sexuality and improper advances are strictly prohibited.

There is no need to worry about having a “perfect” body, as you will soon realize visitors to Sunsport accept people for who they are on the inside, not for their physical size, shape, or condition.  There is a subtle equalization that comes from the absence of clothing.  Friendships are enhanced as people appreciate living “naturally” with a positive body image of themselves and others.  People who enjoy nude recreation develop a healthy body image which builds self esteem.

Many people think that being at a clothes-free club would cause arousal, but, in fact, you feel more relaxed au naturel.  People report that their self esteem is heightened as they become more comfortable with their nude body.  Chances are you will feel comfortable and welcome within a very short time.

Nude Etiquette 101

[pr_accordion heading_fonts=”” heading_font_size=”21″ icon_size=”19″ arrow_size=”19″ content_fonts=”” exclusive_active=”on” content_padding=”padding-bottom:20px;padding-left:60px;padding-right:5px;”][pr_accordion_item show_accordion_icon=”on” accordion_icon=”fa fa-question-circle” ac_title=”Where do I undress?”]Here at Sunsport the parking lot is out of public view and many people undress there since we don’t have changing rooms.  You may remove your clothing anywhere it is convenient. It’s wise to bring along a large beach bag to store your clothes since we do not provide lockers.[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item show_accordion_icon=”on” accordion_icon=”fa fa-question-circle” ac_title=”How do I safeguard my valuables?”]It’s true that we seldom have problems with pilferage but you should still take care.  It’s a good idea to store your valuables in your car’s trunk, making sure you don’t lock your keys in too![/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item show_accordion_icon=”on” accordion_icon=”fa fa-question-circle” ac_title=”Is nudity mandatory?”]Here at Sunsport we want you to feel comfortable for your first visit, but we want others to feel comfortable as well.  Nudity is required in the pool, hot tub and sauna.  Otherwise, it’s your choice depending upon weather and other factors.  Whether you are dressed or undressed, always be respectful (eye contact is always polite) and do not gawk at others.[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item show_accordion_icon=”on” accordion_icon=”fa fa-question-circle” ac_title=”Do you have to dress for dinner or dances?”]It is your choice, depending on weather and other factors.  You will be welcome either way.[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item show_accordion_icon=”on” accordion_icon=”fa fa-shower” ac_title=”Always shower before entering the pool or hot tub.”]This helps us keep our facilities clean.[/pr_accordion_item][pr_accordion_item show_accordion_icon=”on” accordion_icon=”fa fa-thumbs-up” ac_title=”Always sit on a towel, never on your bare bottom.”]Again, this is to help us keep our facilities clean and in consideration for others.[/pr_accordion_item][/pr_accordion]

A Special Word to Women

Self-acceptance and total relaxation in a stress-free environment are among the greatest contributions nude recreation has made to contemporary women.  If you feel self-conscious about your body, chances are your concerns will fade away in no time.

Nudists come in all shapes and sizes and we accept each other for who we are.  You will be accepted as well.

The relaxation you will feel at Sunsport will result in one of the healthiest physical and mental lifestyle changes possible – total acceptance of who you are on the inside as well as on the outside.  You will be free of the desire to judge yourself and others on the basis of physical appearance.  As nude recreation becomes more accepted in our society, women are discovering its healthful and empowering benefits.

Women who come to Sunsport come from all walks of life and span all age groups, occupations and physical conditions.  Sunsport provides an enriching and supportive environment for all women.  There are no pressures, and there is a feeling of community and mutual respect.  You’ll feel at home immediately. You’ll also find yourself relating to others on the basis of who you really are, rather than who your clothes say you are.

Consider an investment in yourself by taking a natural, stress-free break from your busy life for an afternoon, a weekend, or an extended vacation.  Leave the excess baggage at home.

Come to Sunsport where being in style means no fashion at all!

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