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Summer SOMEthing 2021

Summer SOMEthing 2021

Summer SOMEthing 2021 150 150
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  • Xian September 4, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    Hello im a young man got into being a nudist this year 2021. Id love to be free and open outdoors like you guys do
    Where im from we dont have any nude beach or anywhere to be open about how we feel about our bodys
    My girlfriend and i do stay naked in our home
    We do go on our deck in the nude but thats as far as we can go in a country like ours. We are a very loyal and calm couple
    Shes a little low self esteem about her body and i feel like a place like the beautiful Naturist resort would be a wonderful place to visit and a surprise for her.

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