The Full Bloom Weekend for Young Adults will be May 12-14


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We have beautiful Cabins and RVs to suit your desires.
To see pictures and descriptions of all our rentals and a map of locations.....go here.
Star Burst - rental
Star Burst - rental
Star Burst - rental
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Check out the slide show on our homepage of all the best photos of the Sunsport Experience by our talented photographers.

Community Happenings

Events in May

Enjoy a weekend of naked gardening, learning and working together in the beautiful forest ecosystems of Sunsport May 6-7.
Naturism promotes values for living in harmony with Nature. Permaculture teaches us how to design and create that life.
Sunsport's community garden is a beautiful place with many people actively working on the raised beds. It is now full of plants. A number of residents also have gardens on their lots. Naked gardening is enjoyed throughout Sunsport.
Saturday and Sunday Workshops and Garden Project are 10AM - 3PM. $30 for the weekend includes resort amenities; $15 for Sunsport members. Camping and other accommodations available.
Call for reservations: 561-793-0423. More info: People may wish to start the weekend early with the Friday Night Community Drum Circle 9PM - Midnight for $10.
The Full Bloom Music and Arts Festival for young adult naturists will be the May 12th-14th weekend. The Festival coordinated by Young Adult Naturists (YAN) will include a variety of workshops on personal growth, relationships, and permaculture, campfires with fire spinning, tye-dye, flow arts, karaoke, yoga, a free raffle, and much more. A $20 fee will cover day fees and camping for people aged 18-30. Standard camping fees and day rates apply for all others. A large turnout is expected.

The First Friday Community Drum Circle will be May 5th. Ongoing activities include water aerobics Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10 am, morning pickleball and afternoon petanque daily.

Karaoke - Various Pop Up times.

Daily Events - Ongoing activities include daily afternoon Pétanque at 2, Water Aerobics Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 10, Morning Pickleball

Monthly Drum Circle

The May 5th First Friday Community Drum Circle is ON!

Note: the special drum circle ground fees will be in effect only until 10 pm when the office closes. After 10 pm entry, regular ground fees will apply.

Please arrive before 10pm to enjoy the $10 price.

2023-24 Events at Sunsport

Family Youth Gathering - July 8-16
Young Adult Weekends - May 12-14, September 8-10

Mid-Winter Naturist Festival - February 15-20 2024

Community Drum Circles - The first Friday of each month.

Official News:

The costs of operating Sunsport have increased dramatically. Last year expenses well surpassed income.
Therefore, the following adjustments are being instituted:

Beginning June 1, storage of trailers and RVs will be $5.04 per foot per month with a minimum of $151.28 per month. As usual, vehicles newly entering storage will pay first ant last month's fees plus a $300 deposit refundable when the vehicle is removed from storage.

Beginning April 1, daily ground fees will be $30 or $25 for individuals with current membership cards in TNSF, AANR, FQN, FCN, INF, or Bare Oaks. Ground fees for people aged 18-30 with student IDs or TNSF membership will be $10. These ground fees will be year round.

Beginning May 1, the special ground fee for first Friday of the month community drum circles will be $10 for people arriving between 5 pm and 10 pm. After 10 pm, when the office closes, the regular ground fee rates will apply.

Beginning April 1, the price for a bag of ice will be $5.

Beginning May 1, the Smoothie Bar will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11 am to 1 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm for the summer. Smoothie Bar hours may differ for special events. Healthy food will be available daily in the office which is open 10 am - 6 pm. Be sure to pick up your food for dinner by 6 pm.

First visit free passes may not be used during special events such as the Midwinter Naturist Festival, the Young Naturist Weekends, Community Drum Circles, the Family Young Naturist Gathering, or the Permaculture/ Nude Gardening Day Weekend. Passes may be downloaded from Sunsport's website.

Beginning April 1, the charge for electricity for metered sites will be changed to reflect the actual charge from Florida Power and Light. It has been less in the past. Beginning May 1, the charge for non-metered sites will also be adjusted.

Sunsport Gardens Policy Notes

May is the month when lower summer rates for site rentals start.

The Sunsport Board has adopted 2 new policies:

1) Animals who will be living at Sunsport may be brought into Sunsport only with the prior permission from Management.

2) Management approved animals may be fed only on a person's own site. These policies may help to control the animals at Sunsport and to assure that the animals have appropriate, healthful living conditions.

A reminder: Animals, except service dogs, are not permitted in Sunsport buildings, around the pool and hot tub, or on the restaurant deck.
All dogs and cats visiting Sunsport, even for a day, must have immunization records and be neutered. A full list of policies regarding animals is available in the Sunsport office.
Artist-in-Residence Program

Artist-in-Residence Program

Calling all Artists, Dancers, Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Writers etc

Sunsport has created an Artist-in-Residence Program. Stay for a week or a month+.
Free camping and day fees.
Create art or relax and commune with nature.
Go here to apply:

Naturist Family Youth Gathering July 8-16

Now is the time to enroll your children or grandchildren in Sunsport's Naturist Family Youth Gathering July 8-16.

Children aged 5-17 and their families will experience a fun week of growth and community emphasizing interpersonal relations skills, learning, and creativity in a natural environment.
As usual we will have an ocean beach day, a variety show, crafts, nature exploration, boating, non-competitive sports, and lots of pool time, with individual attention for each camper. Most of the favorite counselors will be returning.
Enrollment forms are on Sunsport's website. If your child is attending, please call Morley at 561-254-9878 or 561-791-1361 or email him at We need to know the names and ages of campers and any activities adult family members might like to lead.

Enjoy yourself at naturally beautiful Sunsport Gardens.

Sunsport Tee Shirts.......

The office now has a variety of Sunsport Gardens T-shirts available.

The shirts have attractive designs by Christopher Vuk.

Purchase them at the office or online on our website (coming soon)

Tee Shirt
Tee Shirt

the Naturally Nude Cafe.......whats cookin.....

Sunsport grown Vegetables!

Smoothie bar hours:
Friday to Sunday only
Lunch - 11am-1pm
Dinner - 5-7pm
Healthy food will be available daily in the office which is open 10 am - 6 pm
Bacon Cheeseburger- $12
Cheeseburger -$10
Hamburger - $9
Veggie burger - $10
Chicken sandwich - $9
Chicken strips - $10
BLT - $8
Fish sandwich- $8
Crab cakes - $12
Hot dog - $7
Fries - $4
Onion rings - $7
Cheese sticks - $7
Jalapeño poppers - $8
Buffalo fried cauliflower- $8
2 eggs, almost any style - $4
2 sausage patties - $4
3 slices bacon - $4
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The trash area in the northeast corner of Sunsport has been eliminated. Large trash items may now be placed only in the maintenance yard with the supervision of Team Leader Roger Byrd, preferably Monday through Friday.
The trailer holding recyclable scrap metal will be moved to the maintenance area. Plastic bags full of waste should be deposited in the dumpster in the recycling area, not in the maintenance area.
Reminder: Please use the appropriate containers for throwing out items. Place materials such as clean paper and cardboard in the yellow bins; cans, plastics (except styrofoam, utensils,and bags), juice boxes, and glass and plastic bottles in the blue bins. Place large items such as platforms and furniture near, but not in, the dumpster. Place only bagged garbage and small items in the dumpster.

To help Sunsport and the environment, *please deposit aluminum cans in a special bin with a round hole in the top in the main recycling area.
  • The yellow containers are for paper and flattened cardboard
  • The blue containers are for aluminum cans*, glass, juice boxes, and plastics except styrofoam, bags, and utensils.
  • Deposit other trash in the large grey or black trash bins with tops.
Please secure all trash cans tightly since raccoons are skilled at opening containers and making large messes. Thanks.

the Gardens of Sunsport

Jessica, Vishnu and Indigo enjoying some Jujubes from the Permaculture Gardens.

ArtBox & Serenity Garden

The Serenity Garden has become the premiere spot for workshops and photoshoots at Sunsport.

This image courtesy of our favorite Goddess photographer Francesca Bliss!

Birds & Pigs Life with Theresa


Proud Momma and Dad! 4 little naked babies!


Permaculture Sunsport News

World Naked Gardening Day and International Permaculture Day 2023

Join us for a weekend of naked gardening, learning and working together in the beautiful forest ecosystems of Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort
Loxahatchee, Florida.

Naturism promotes values for living in harmony with Nature.
Permaculture teaches us how to design and create that life.

Friday Night Community Drum Circle $10 9PM - 11:30PM
Saturday Workshops and Garden Project 10AM - 4PM
Sunday Workshops and Garden Project 10AM - 4PM

$30 for the weekend includes resort amenities
$15 for Sunsport members
Camping and other accommodations available.
Call for reservations: 561-793-0423

Event info:
Full schedule:

Proceeds benefit the Permaculture Sunsport Food Forest Project

Go Here to see Sunsport's Map
Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 10.32.52 PM
Please make a small donation to help us continue to develop the Meditation and Permaculture Projects.

Check the website for exact day, at 7 pm in the restaurant.

The Permaculture Sunsport group is meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 PM in the dining room. Contact Geoffrey Farmer,, to receive notice of meetings and garden workdays.
Hey What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a philosophy of design for creating a sustainable human culture. That is, it's a way of thinking about how we set up the support systems around us: shelter, food, water, energy, society and business. Well designed permaculture systems allow us to live as a beneficial part of the ecosystems around us.

Join our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the Sunsport Permaculture & Community Garden Group .

Art & Naturism.......naturist spirited art

Caroline Coon - The Great Offender’

When London-based artist Caroline Coon heard that she was about to get her first solo art exhibition at the grand age of 73, she burst into tears.

1995 Oz Trio
Then she heard the proposed name for it
– ‘Caroline Coon: The Great Offender’.
‘I just gasped,’ she says, ‘but it didn’t take me long to realise that the title was perfect.’ Coon has worked for nearly half a century in the vanguard of cultural movements that have caused storms of social change – the hippie ‘peace and love’ underground, the punk rock movement, and the women’s movement.
1960s A very natural looking Caroline Coon by Harrison Marks
By the time she left St Martin’s College of Art in 1968 figurative painting was deemed dead, but Coon continued to work figuratively in oils on canvas with a brush. She was not interested in painting in new ways or working with new materials, but in seeing and interpreting the world anew. Her painting is structured around narrative, influenced by Pop Art and the politics of sexual liberation. Her hermaphroditic queer figures confront and destabilise patriarchal, binary sexual stereotypes. The first painting she sold, in 1967 aged 21, was ‘My Beautiful Cunt’, her response to the pathological fear of female genitalia. In 1971 Caroline Coon was one of the women to whom Germaine Greer dedicated The Female Eunuch.
Self Delphinium Age 70
In contrast with the general acceptance of the female nude, Coon’s honest depiction of naked men has been considered shocking – in 1995 the Tate Gallery banned her ‘Mr Olympia’ painting because it showed an erect penis. Recently Coon has been painting her Ladbroke Grove neighbourhood in a series of narrative urban landscapes featuring naked figures, contrasting people’s social personas with their creative physical bodies.

Read Full Article Here

Caroline Coon’s website can be found here, with lots of information about her artistic and political endeavours and a gallery showing more of her work.
1992 Pieta
2013 Gender Blurring Tangles
1994 Defender
2007 Adam and Eve Ladbroke Grove
1991 Sheltering
1989 Goal
2009 Fallin Sunrise

This months Friday evening,

May 5th monthly
Community Drum Circle is ON!!!

Please Support These Important Organizations

Fighting for Our Freedoms

n_logo_clr Foundation

The Naturist Society Foundation

Vision: Creating a clothing-optional world where your body does not define who you are.Mission: Promoting a culture of body acceptance through clothing-optional recreation, education, and community outreach.Values: Naturism, Understanding, Diversity, Education
The Naturist Action Committee is the political adjunct to The Naturist Society Foundation. NAC exists to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America, and supports the responsible recreational nude use of public lands.

The Naturist Education Foundation is the nonprofit informational and educational adjunct to The Naturist Society Foundation and is dedicated to improving the awareness of naturism and body acceptance among both naturists and non-naturists, including business leaders, legislators, and the college community. NEF seeks to achieve an understanding and acceptance of naturists and their activities throughout North America.
NAC and NEF are 501(c) nonprofit corporations.
American Association for Nude Recreation
Our Mission: Simply put, we exist “To advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings while educating and informing society of their value and enjoyment.”
The American Association for Nude Recreation is the largest, most long-established organization of its kind in North America. With roots dating to 1931, we have grown from our humble beginnings to an organization that has served 213,000 individuals throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond. These members enjoy their own backyards and pools with family and friends, as well as over 180 nudist resorts and affiliates.
the Federation of Canadian Naturists
The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) is Canada’s national nudist organization. Along with the Fédération québécoise de naturisme (FQN), the FCN represents and promotes the naturist lifestyle as wholesome, healthy, and enjoyable.

Our Mission Statement

The Federation of Canadian Naturists is a member-supported, not for profit organization dedicated to fostering a greater understanding, acceptance and appreciation of naturism as a way of life throughout Canada.
South florida free beaches

South Florida Free Beaches

Incorporated in 1980, SFFB has long worked tirelessly for the advancement of naturism in general, and clothing-optional beaches in particular, across the entire state of Florida.SFFB’s Legal Defense Fund has financially assisted countless naturists over it’s tenure.
Beach Education Advocates for Culture, Health, Environment & Safety (B.E.A.C.H.E.S.) Foundation Institute aims at establishing amicable and mutually beneficial working partnerships with government, business, naturist beach advocacy groups and the public to design, establish and manage designated clothing-optional or naturist areas at public beaches.
B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, former Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department Programming Partner for Haulover Beach and an adjunct of South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB), founders of Haulover Beach’s naturist section in 1991.

Rate Sheet

Reservation and Deposit Policy 2023-2024 Winter Season
Sunsport Gardens 2023-2024 Reservation and Deposit Policy
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