Sunday, September 2nd, the Island Brothers will play reggae music poolside
The new lights in the pool and the hot tub spa are amazing. They are continuing to change colors to great effect.
The Summer Daze Music Medley for Young Adults was a great success. Six bands performed Saturday and Sunday poolside with jams extending into the evenings. A drumming circle with fire spinning and body painting took place on Friday evening. Many thanks to Karl Nelson of The Tribe, a local group of musicians and artists, for coordinating the event. The next weekend for young adults at Sunsport will be on the second weekend in December.
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On Sunday, September 2nd, the Island Brothers will play reggae music poolside in the afternoon. People will be dancing in and out of the pool. You won't want to sit still during their lively performance.

Check out Sunsport's website. The photo galleries for the 2018 Midwinter Naturist Festival and Summer Daze are now up.

September is the month I organize the program for the Midwinter Naturist Festival. The 2019 Festival will be February 14-19 . If you would like to lead workshops or activities for adults or children, please call me at (561) 791-1361 or email me at I will need to know the title and a one sentence description of your workshop(s). I will also need to know which days you will be attending the Festival, hopefully the whole time, and any special needs for your workshop/activity.

In early August, I coordinated the Northeast Naturist Festival in at Empire Haven Family Nudist Resort in Central New York State. The weather was perfect. There were theatrical and musical performances and many interesting workshops. A number of attendees plan to visit Sunsport this winter. Sunsport has an excellent reputation as a friendly resort and community where people can enjoy healthful, natural living.`
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Star Fruit
Carambola, or star fruit, is the fruit of Averrhoa carambola, a species of tree native to Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Seychelles.
Fruiting several times a year, Star Fruit is favorite at Sunsport. And you can find several trees growing at various locations at the resort. Feel free to pick one and enjoy the unique taste..
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