Summer Daze Music Medley Weekend for Young Adults will be August 10-12
Major work has been completed on the swimming pool. It is beautiful. Enjoy it soon. Also, check out the new bamboo fence between the volleyball courts and Weekend Row.
The Summer Daze Music Medley Weekend for Young Adults will be August 10-12. There will be a Drum Circle and Body Painting on Friday evening with many bands and workshops on Saturday and Sunday. The weekend is only $20 for people aged 18-30 including tent camping. Others are welcome to attend all events for the regular fees.
The Weekend is produced by The Tribe.
The Naturist Family Youth Camp was lots of fun, becoming a loving, caring community. Campers came from as far away as California.
Special events included a beautiful sunny day at clothing optional Haulover Beach hosted by South Florida Free Beaches including a talk with a life guard and a visit to the bird hospital on E Road where the campers saw a dancing bird and received bird feathers.
Campers constructed and launched water rockets high into the air.
There was a challenging "Mission Impossible" maze to go through and an obstacle course to be guided through blind folded.
Campers built a "stick bomb" to demonstrate a chain reaction.
There was boating, fishing, tie dying, body painting, and lots of time in the pool.
As always, there was a project to benefit Sunsport. You can see the results in the flowers planted in the Youth Garden on the hillside behind the hot tub filter area and in the Butterfly Garden.
By the way, the Butterfly Garden was full of butterflies. Campers also painted a mural of a turtle on the side of the playground playhouse. Campers enjoyed two messy activities: hitting whiffle balls filled with shaving cream and a gutter filled with ice cream which as usual ended up being thrown at each other.
Each morning started with a workshop developing interpersonal skills and body acceptance. Campers created a claymation video and, on the last evening, produced a great variety show.
Thanks to the Naturist Education Foundation and AANR-Florida for supporting the camp. Photos from the camp and the claymation video will soon be on the website.

August 3 is the next Community Drum Circle evening , remember there will be a $5 ground fee the evening. As always the event is from 5 pm to 2 am. Drumming is from 9 pm to midnight.
First time visitors to Sunsport and people camping, staying in Sunsport accommodations, or patronizing the restaurant are exempt from the $5 fee.

Theresa and I will be at Empire Haven in New York State the first week in August where I produce the Northeast Naturist Festival.
We will return to Sunsport in time for the Summer Daze Weekend.
Permaculture SunSport News

Mulch Pit Gardening
In the dry tropics one of the easiest ways to mulch is to dig a hole in the ground about 6 feet wide and to a depth to each the water table at its lowest.
Then just throw your yard waste into the hole......plant some bananas around the perimeter and watch them take off.
Check out our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the SunSport Permaculture Group.
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