Sunsport's Naturist Family Youth Camp July 11-19


COVID-19 Update

Sunsport now welcomes guests.
However, in the interest of safety, all guests will have their temperatures checked with a non-contact forehead thermometer at the office upon arrival. Guests with normal temperatures will be admitted. People other than immediate families or long term partners must remain six feet apart.
At this time, no one at Sunsport has shown signs of the Covid 19 virus.
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Remember staying six feet away from other people

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    Get the latest on our commitment to Naturism, Permaculture, Health, Nutrition, Spirituality and Community.

    Rentals Special Deal

    Again this June, Sunsport is offering a special deal on accommodations: Stay one night, get a second consecutive night free. This is a great opportunity to have a weekend stay for the price of one night.
    The website now features pictures and descriptions of all rentals and a map of locations.....go here.
    See details in this newsletter for seasonal agreement details.


    First Friday Drum Circles Return

    to Sunsport starting June 5. Since the safety of all is paramount, in addition to six feet apart social distancing, masks will be required after 5 pm when the special $5 drum circle rates apply.

    Saturday is Movie Night

    with popcorn in the pavilion at 9:00 pm weekly. Theresa Frazier would welcome recommendations of movies to be shown. The movies replace the dances which were suspended because of the need for social distancing. Water Aerobics continues Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.
    Drum Circle

    The 2020 Full Bloom Renew and Restore Weekend for Young Adults

    The Full Bloom Renew and Restore Weekend for Young Adults which had been postponed from April was held Memorial Day Weekend.
    It was lots of fun with great music, creative arts, delicious food, and a number of personal growth workshops. In spite of the need to wear protective masks, observe social distancing, and a rainy Sunday and Monday, it was an opportunity for friends to meet again and for new people to experience the benefits of naturism.
    Thanks to organizer Karl Nelson for setting the tone for the successful event.

    the Naturally Nude Cafe.......whats cookin.....

    Sunsport and Vegetables!

    Sunsport's restaurant, the Naturally Nude Cafe, is now serving with limited seating space in addition to its take out and delivery service.

    Call 561-485-5554 to place an order.

    Now people from outside Sunsport can order delicious and healthful food from the Naturally Nude Cafe through Uber-Eats. That should help people in the community become more aware of Sunsport. .

    The Smoothie Bar will be open afternoons to provide tasty treats when there are hungry people poolside.
    Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 11.20.35 PM
    The Nature Foot Trail and the Golf Cart Trail through Sunsport's jungle are becoming more beautiful daily. The Lotus Pond next to the Labyrinth is complete. Have an adventure exploring the trails north of the circumference road.
    Please remember to place non-recyclable trash in bags tied at the top before placing it the bins. Bags should be light enough to lift easily. Large items or large quantities of out of date food should be taken to the main dumpster with large items placed outside the dumpster.


    To help Sunsport and the environment, please deposit aluminum cans in a special bin with a round hole in the top in the main recycling area.
    • The yellow containers are for paper and flattened cardboard
    • The blue containers are for aluminum cans, glass, juice boxes, and plastics except styrofoam, bags, and utensils.
    • Deposit other trash in trash cans.
    Please secure all trash cans tightly since raccoons are skilled at opening containers and making large messes. Thanks.

    Sunsport will celebrate Saturday, July 4th, with poolside music in the afternoon by our own popular Bob Fekete.

    The Smoothie Bar will be open with a special bar-b-que hosted by Bob Holley.

    Film makers Patrick Bresman and Ivette Lucas who became a welcome part of the Sunsport community report,

    "Just wanted to let you know we had a healthy baby boy named June last week. Ivete was able to give birth naturally and is now experiencing the joy of motherhood.
    Taking life a day at a time... Lori Albright whom we met at Sunsport has been our rock and virtual Midwife."

    We are anxious to see them when they return to Sunsport in the Fall.
    Check out their award winning film work here

    Sunsport's Naturist Family Youth Camp July 11-19

    Sunsport's 13th Annual Naturist Family Youth Camp will be July 11-19. Spaces for campers are still available. Children aged 4-17 and their families will experience a fun week of growth and community emphasizing interpersonal relations skills, learning, and creativity in a natural environment.
    As usual we will have a fun-filled day playing in the sand and surf at a clothing-optional ocean beach, a camp variety show, crafts, nature exploration, canuding and kayaking, non-competitive sports, producing a claymation video, campfires, and lots of pool time, with individual attention for each camper.
    There will be special activities best done clothesfree such as a slip-n-slide with paint, tie dye, water balloon throwing, gooey games, and a 10 foot ice cream sundae with as much landing on bodies as in mouths. Workshops on being proud of who we are, body acceptance, communication skills, and conflict resolution will help establish an atmosphere of caring about each other's feelings and positive relationships.
    Parents are encouraged to attend the camp participating as much or as little as they like. Most of the favorite counselors will be returning. A gallery of camp photos, articles, and claymation videos from past years are on Sunsport's website.
    Enrollment forms are also on Sunsport's website. If your child is attending, please email me at morleynaturist@hotmail.com. I need to know the names and ages of campers and any activities adult family members might like to lead. This information would be helpful to Swann who is returning this year as camp director. AANR-Florida is offering a scholarship for a camper whose parents are AANR-Florida members. Please let me now if you are interested. I want to thank the Naturist Education Foundation, the Naturist Society Foundation, and the American Association for Nude Recreation for making significant financial contributions to help support the camp.
    The Florida governor has now given camps permission to operate this summer without restrictions.
    It has come to my attention that the front gate code has been given to unauthorized people. For everyone's comfort and security, Sunsport is a gated community. Never hand out the gate code. If you are expecting a visitor, please notify the office.
    The office telephone (561-793-0423) is monitored 24 hours a day.

    Theresa and I plan to remain at Sunsport most of the summer. We love the Sunsport community; what better home at which to stay in place.

    Birds Life with Theresa

    Daily drumming with “Lucy”, an African Cape parrot . 🦜❤️🦜

    and our resident master drummer and teacher Michael Pluznick

    Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 11.41.43 PM

    Permaculture Sunsport News

    Meditation Field - Lotus Pond, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Labyrinth and the Marsh

    Looking east from the Lotus Pond.

    Waiting for the plants and animals to find their new home.

    Looking west from the Marsh
    Rainbow Eucalyptus
    Hey What is Permaculture?

    Geoff Farmer:
    Permaculture is a philosophy of design for creating a sustainable human culture. That is, it's a way of thinking about how we set up the support systems around us: shelter, food, water, energy, society and business. Well designed permaculture systems allow us to live as a beneficial part of the ecosystems around us.

    Join our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the SunSport Permaculture & Community Garden Group .

    Art & Naturism.......naturist spirited art


    Prudence Heward’s Girl Under a Tree

    Of all her work, Girl Under a Tree, 1931, was a personal favourite of the Montreal-born artist Prudence Heward (1896-1947); it was the only one of her own paintings she hung in her bedroom. It is also a work that tells us what was and was not acceptable in the Canadian art world of the early 1930s.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 12.06.58 AM
    Studio portrait of Prudence Heward, c. 1927
    Celebrated for her sculptural forms, defiant figures, and expressionistic colours, Heward is renowned for her provocative representations of female subjects. She was affiliated with the Beaver Hall Group, the Canadian Group of Painters, and the Contemporary Arts Society, but also exhibited with the Group of Seven. Despite Heward’s commitment to painting people, an art critic for the Montreal Gazette wrote in 1932 that Heward was known as “an adopted daughter of the Group of Seven” because she had exhibited with the landscape painters on three occasions. After her death in 1947, the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, organized a memorial exhibition of her work, which toured across the country......MORE

    This months Friday evening,
    June 5th monthly Community Drum Circle is ON!!!!

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