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Join us at Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort for two days clothed in the sky, barefoot in the dirt, and surrounded by nature! ♥ For the third consecutive year at Sunsport we will be gathering to learn, grow, and laugh in celebration of the 14th annual World Naked Gardening Day on May 5th and International Permaculture Day on May 6th! From our talented ranks, our intention is to once again organize another unforgettable event with hands-on activities around useful aspects of natural gardening and permaculture while also honoring the naturist principles of respectful body-acceptance for all!
SSG WNGD Schedule
The clothing industry and repetitive laundry-washing contribute massive pollution and unsustainable waste second only to Big Oil!
Textile factories dump poisonous chemicals into waterways all over the planet to supply our obsession with covering up. Clothingism also creates a toxic culture of body-shame and stigma that serves no loving purpose. Friends and families around the world have discovered the life-affirming, earth-friendly and liberating joy of naturism/nudism as a portal to a whole new way of relating honestly with one another and with their native ecosystem, so we invite you to experience nature like never before!
Wouldn't it be great if we could find the courage to be ourselves without unsustainable products while gardening in nature with a global family of naturists and gardeners? For this extra-special weekend you can! Naturist/nudist gardeners and permaculture enthusiasts will be meeting at locations like Sunsport around the world. Learn more about the movement here: (nsfw)
The permaculture gardens throughout Sunsport have been an ongoing community project for naturist gardeners in South Florida and the possibilities are endless! Feel free to bring cuttings, seeds, and ideas to share. Suggest anything here for discussion and coordination. We can all be updating this page with details including workshop titles, contributing teachers, and activities as the dates approach. Please feel free to ask any questions and share this event page and invite nature-lovers from all over for a very special weekend of community and nature.
Currently we have workshops offered by Don Vande Krol, Ryan Monaghan, and myself Aaron Frost among others. Let us know if you also would like to share a workshop of your own, and keep an eye on this event page for forthcoming workshop descriptions, additional details, and schedule information here as the dates approach! You can bookmark this page:
See you there!
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