The Weekend for Young Adults has been postponed until the May 22-25

COVID-19 Update

Sunsport Gardens is taking proactive steps to contain the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19). This new pandemic virus is a growing, serious, and sometimes deadly threat , now detected in nearby communities. The Sunsport Board and Management have adopted these policies:
  1. Only Sunsport members and permanent single plus designees of members will be admitted to Sunsport until further notice. Essential service providers and care givers may be admitted with the approval of management on a case by case basis.
  2. People other than immediate family members and care givers must stay at least six feet apart in Sunsport common areas until further notice.
The Corona Virus is particularly scary because some people will be asymptomatic meaning that they can carry and spread the virus without showing any symptoms. I strongly recommend that people practice social distancing, staying six feet apart with anyone not in their immediate family, even on their own sites.
People should also wash their hands after touching door knobs, counters, or packaging. Sunsport has a number of older residents and people with compromised immune systems.
Let's keep Sunsport as safe as possible.
Mid-Winter Naturist Festival 2018
Sunsport is taking other safety measures.
  • We are cancelling all dances and other activities in which people are likely to be close.
  • The First Friday Drum Circle is cancelled for April.
  • The 2020 Full Bloom Renew and Restore Weekend for Young Adults scheduled for April has been postponed until the May 22-25 long weekend.
Hopefully we will be able to welcome visitors to Sunsport by then.

Check out our website!
Get the latest on our commitment to Naturism, Permaculture, Health, Nutrition, Spirituality and Community.


Sunsport has several beautiful RVs and Cabins for rent for a day or all year long.
The website now features pictures and descriptions of all rentals and a map of locations.....go here.
See details in this newsletter for seasonal agreement details.
At the request of their government and to maintain full health insurance coverage, most of our friends from Canada left Sunsport earlier than they had planned. We miss them and are looking forward to their return next winter.
In other news, starting May 1st Naturist Society Foundation (TNSF) and American Association For Nude Recreation (AANR) memberships will no longer be included in short term (3, 4 & 5 month) Sunsport memberships, although people are encouraged to join the important organizations through Sunsport if they are not currently members. The reason is that some people already hold memberships through other clubs or reside outside the United States. Also, people taking out two 3 month memberships in Sunsport in one year would end up paying twice for the membership in the national organizations.
TNSF and AANR memberships will continue to be included in all annual memberships in Sunsport.
May is the month when lower summer rates for ground fees and site rentals start. Site holders may choose between taking a significantly lower summer rate or or opting for a year round rate which is half way between the summer and winter rates.

the Naturally Nude Cafe.......whats cookin.....

Sunsport Grown Fruits and Vegetables!

The Naturally Nude Cafe, Sunsport's restaurant, is closed for seating.
It now has a take out and delivery menu to provide meals reducing the need for trips to the a grocery store and providing free delivery to people's tents and trailers so that they don't have to go out.
Call 561-485-5554 during regular restaurant hours to order take out or delivery.
The menu is on Sunsport's website.

How about super healthy Wild Salmon to go?

The after tax price of site and accommodation rentals at Sunsport will increase 10% starting May 1st. Every other year Sunsport increases either ground fee and membership rates or rental rates to keep up with the dramatic increase of the price of doing business, particularly the price of utilities such as County water. We also provide a yearly inflation adjustment to the pay rates of our valuable employees.


To help Sunsport and the environment, please deposit aluminum cans in a special bin with a round hole in the top in the main recycling area.
  • The yellow containers are for paper and flattened cardboard
  • The blue containers are for aluminum cans, glass, juice boxes, and plastics except styrofoam, bags, and utensils.
  • Deposit other trash in trash cans.
Please secure all trash cans tightly since raccoons are skilled at opening containers and making large messes. Thanks.
Young Naturist

The next weekend for young adults will be the

Full Bloom Renew and Restore Weekend for Young Adults
May 22-25

Save the dates.
Coordinator Karl Harris promises another great event.

The community garden is progressing well. Several residents have garden spaces. The sprouts are already appearing.

It feels strange to not have daily visitors and to have activities limited. However, what better place to be than the wonderful, caring Sunsport community.


Skinny dipping vote: Blind Creek Beach to be officially recognized as clothing-optional beach.

The County Commission is scheduled to vote on a resolution officially recognizing Blind Creek Beach as clothing-optional beach at its meeting 9 a.m. April 21.

Birds Life with Theresa

Nano the parrotlet helps every morning with bird breakfast . He is such a sweetie ❤️

Permaculture Sunsport News

Community Garden is Happening!!

We now have a great tool shed.
Thanks to some donations we have had several loads of compost delivered.
And a row of Leucaena nitrogen fixing trees have been planted permaculture style.

This has been a real community project, come and join the fun.
Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 8.52.53 PM
Hey What is Permaculture?

Geoff Farmer:
Permaculture is a philosophy of design for creating a sustainable human culture. That is, it's a way of thinking about how we set up the support systems around us: shelter, food, water, energy, society and business. Well designed permaculture systems allow us to live as a beneficial part of the ecosystems around us.

Join our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the SunSport Permaculture & Community Garden Group .

Art & Naturism.......naturist spirited art

Body Painter Turns People Into Fun Foods And Cocktails. Can You Spot The Nude Model?


By Filippo ioco
I have been considered one of the most outstanding and ground-breaking body painting artists of all time. It is my combination of experience, innovation, and courage that has kept my unique art at the top for over two decades.......... Read More


This months Friday evening, April 3rd monthly Community Drum Circle is CANCELLED.

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