What The Winter?! Music Medley for Young Adults - December 13-15

December is always a busy, fun month at Sunsport.

It starts with a Community Drum Circle on Friday, December 6, and a Bloodmobile visit on Sunday, December 8, from Noon to 3:00 pm. If you are able, give the "gift of life".

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What The Winter?! Music Medley

The second weekend (December 13-15) is the What The Winter?! Music Medley for Young Adults. Several bands will play on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Daytimes there will be tie dye, yoga, games, and a number of interesting workshops. On Friday evening there will be a drum circle with glow-in-the-dark body painting under black lights. Although people aged 18 - 30 will have a special rates of $20 for the whole weekend (free for first timers) and free tent camping, people of all ages are welcome to participate in many of the What The Winter?! events.
What the Winter Music Medley

Community Events


Santa and his Elf

Of course December features a number of wonderful holiday events. Lighting of beautiful luminaries followed by caroling will be on Friday, the 20th, beginning at 5:30 pm. The pavilion will be the location of the following activities: Ornaments will be made on Saturday, the 21st, at 1 pm. Cookie decorating will be Monday, the 23rd, at 1 pm. Christmas Eve, Tuesday, brings the traditional Yankee Gift Swap at 6 pm followed by a visit from Santa at 7:30 pm with gifts for all Sunsport's children and caroling .
Please let the office know soon of children who will see Santa. Contributions for Secret Santa presents are much appreciated and may be made in a jar in the office.

the Naturally Nude Cafe.......whats cookin.....

Sunsport Grown Fruits and Vegetables!

A Community Holiday Pot Luck Meal will take place on Wednesday, December 25th. Please indicate what you plan to bring on the list on the office counter.

The Naturally Nude Cafe SPECIAL Mid Winter Naturist Festival menu is now online.
Check out the great dishes that are coming your way!


Have you tried jackfruit yet? If not, do you even know what it is?
It’s a healthy vegan meat replacement and it’s one of the biggest food trends among vegetarians, vegans and even meat lovers. Best of all, it's the key to making an insanely delicious barbecue pulled "pork" sandwich that you won't believe is vegan.
jack fruit kids
A relative of figs and breadfruit, jackfruit grows in tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa. While it is technically a fruit, its consistency is similar to that of chicken or pork. It has a fairly neutral taste when young, so it takes on the flavor of whatever sauce or seasoning you pair it with. It has a stringy consistency that works especially well with tangy barbecue sauce.
Unlike animal sources of protein, jackfruit contains no saturated fat or cholesterol, it's light in sodium, and is also low in calories, with just 20 per a 2.65-ounce serving. Additionally, jackfruit contains 3 grams of fiber per serving, as well as 110 milligrams of potassium, heart-healthy nutrients that many of us are not getting enough of.
New Year's Eve brings a gala dance and a sparkling cider toast at midnight. This year the dance will be free. People are encouraged to bring snacks for a pot luck table. The smoothie bar will be open where you can purchase pizza, popcorn and other goodies.

A word on recycling and trash removal:

For recycling, please use the yellow and blue containers located throughout Sunsport.
  • The yellow containers are for paper and flattened cardboard
  • The blue containers are for aluminum cans, glass, juice boxes, and plastics except styrofoam, bags, and utensils.
  • Deposit other trash in trash cans.
You may leave small yellow and blue bins or bags roadside at you lot, but not overnight. You may also use the main dumpster area.
However, please place discarded carpeting, furniture, appliances, or any other large item on the side of the roadway near your lot, not in the dumpster. The maintenance team will pick up such large items.
Please secure all trash cans tightly since raccoons are skilled at opening containers and making large messes. Thanks.

A Number of Ongoing Activities are Now Underway.

  • Water Aerobics are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.
  • Poker is Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • Dance Lessons are Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Beginning Classes are at 9:30 am followed by Advanced Classes at 10:00 am.
  • Karaoke is on Friday evenings
  • Dances are on Saturday evenings.
I would like to start Monday evening square dancing soon. We need a few more interested people before we start. It's lots of fun. No experience or dancing ability is necessary. Please see me or call me at 561-791-1361.
Marty Menane and Barbara Skinner welcome your ideas:
"The Entertainment Committee is busy planning a fun winter. We are inviting everyone to propose ideas for classes, discussion groups, crafts, etc.
Let’s make this a great winter!"
Contact Marty at or Barb at

The Sunsport Gardens Board of Directors has adopted three new policies:

  1. "Rental payment agreements will be made only for people who have paid first and last month's rent and a clean-up deposit."

  2. " Any travel trailer or RV brought onto a site at Sunsport must be driven in under its own power or towed in by a small truck or car and have current license plates or be inspected by the Maintenance Team Leader or the Team Leader's designee to assure that it can be removed easily."
  3. "Anyone wishing to operate an ongoing business selling to Sunsport guests must submit a written request for approval by the Board and, prior to operation, must comply with Florida State regulations."
sunsport winter festival
If you haven't yet, please register for the Midwinter Naturist Festival soon. The registration form as well as the full schedule of activities is on Sunsport's website. If you are flying in, reserve airline tickets now to avoid very high ticket prices. The Festival is always our biggest event of the year.

Many friends from the North have now arrived with more people arriving daily. Many seasonal activities have resumed. It's a wonderful happy time at Sunsport.

Permaculture Sunsport News

Peanut Butter Tree

Bunchosia argentea

One of the most fascinating exotic fruit at Sunsport, as amazing as Miracle fruit, Peanut Butter Fruit is loved by both kids and adults. Yes, it tastes exactly like peanut butter! Sweet, soft pulp with peanut flavor. The tree is small in size, grows 10-15 ft max, or can be kept as a bush. Starts fruiting within 2-3 years from seed! Keep it in a pot if you have limited space, can be grown indoors, too.
This attractive tree has clusters of yellow flowers that are followed by an abundance of dark red fruit to around 1". The rich, sweet flesh has a texture similar to peanut butter. The fruit can be eaten fresh or made into milk shakes.

Bunchosia argentea
Check out our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the SunSport Permaculture Group.

Art & Naturism.......naturist spirited art

Sanyu’s Five Nudes (ca. 1955) is estimated to sell for around $33 million at Christie’s

Five Nudes, the largest painting featuring female nudes by Chinese-French artist Sanyu, is returning to the auction market next month, with an estimate of HK$250 million (about US$32 million).
The painting, circa 1955, sold for HK$128 million at Ravenel Auction Hong Kong in 2011, setting a record for Sanyu and a record for any oil painting by a Chinese artist at that time.
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Friday evening, December 6th, is Sunsport's monthly Community Drum Circle.

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