Thanksgiving Community Pot Luck Dinner at 5:30 pm on Thanksgiving Day.

I always look forward to November as the month when Sunsport's friends from the North begin to return. It is wonderful to be with you all again.



November events at Sunsport include the First Friday Drum Circle and the traditional Thanksgiving Community Pot Luck Dinner at 5:30 pm on Thanksgiving Day. The Thanksgiving Dinner is the first opportunity of the season for our community to get together.
On the sheet in the office please describe what dish you plan to bring to the Thanksgiving Pot Luck.
Don Vande Krol and Roger Byrd are hard at work on designing the perfect structure.

New Community Meeting Area

The new community meeting area is now being developed. It will include a beautiful octagonal structure around a small central campfire and waterfall. It will be comfortably open to all Sunsport members and guests.
The most central smoking area is now under the canopy south of the volleyball courts.

the Naturally Nude Cafe.......whats cookin.....

SunSport Grown Fruits and Vegetables!

The restaurant is now using freshly grown produce from the garden tower and from John Dodge's forest garden. A new garden bed to produce more is being developed just outside the clubhouse. See John or Geoff Farmer if you are interested in helping with the community garden.

Edible Leaf Hibicus

Edible Hibiscus, Abelmoschus manihot, bele or abika, is a nutritious, high in protein, perennial shrub grown for its large leaves. The plant grows up to 12 feet tall, has leaves as large or larger than a plate, and a beautiful hibiscus flower. This plant is extremely hardy, vigorous and abundant. Its also a beautiful ornamental.
You may eat the leaves raw or cooked, boiled or roasted. The larger leaves seem to be a bit more slimy than the smaller ones. But are both delicious. I usually eat smaller leaves raw and cook larger ones. Leaves are also excellent for thickening sauces or soups.
Preparing for Season, the maintenance staff has been doing lots of painting in South Florida colors and is removing weeds from the volleyball and petanque courts.
The Town of Loxahatchee Groves has a new waste and recycling collector, Coastal. You may have noticed their dumpster in the recycling area. This has required a change in Sunsport's waste and recycling collection procedures.
Sunsport will supply small blue and yellow bins or bags to all sites.
  • The blue bins and bags are for metals, glass, juice containers, and all plastics except styrofoam, plastic bags, and plastic utensils.
  • The yellow bins and bags are for clean paper and broken down (flattened) cardboard.
Place the bins or bags on the edge of the roadway nearest your site. The maintenance and grounds team will pick them up, carry them to a central location, and leave an empty.
  • Please leave other small waste in the larger grey totes nearest you.
  • Please take large items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, and carpeting to the central recycling/dumpster area;

Do not take any large items to the street outside Sunsport.

You can help Sunsport by placing aluminum beer and soda cans in specially marked totes around Sunsport.
Sunsport will recycle the aluminum cans itself. Your assistance with the new procedures is important, saving Sunsport money and thus reducing the need to increase fees.
Thank you for your help.
The Fall issue of N Magazine, the quarterly publication of the Naturist Society Foundation, just came out. It includes five very positive well written articles about events at Sunsport with great photos. I encourage you to read the magazine and, if you haven't, join the Naturist Society (TNS). TNS has always been very supportive of Sunsport. You can join TNS and AANR, the other important national naturist organization, at the Sunsport office.
Membership in both organizations is now included in the Sunsport membership.
Marty Menane and Barbara Skinner welcome your ideas:
"The Entertainment Committee is busy planning a fun winter. We are inviting everyone to propose ideas for classes, discussion groups, crafts, etc.
Let’s make this a great winter!"
Contact Marty at or Barb at

What the Winter?! Music Medley

will be December 13-15

What The Winter? Music Medley Weekend for Young Adults will be the second weekend in December. Although special low rates and free camping are available for naturists aged 18-30, the weekend events are open to naturists of all ages.

Permaculture SunSport News

First Installation Planted

SunSport Permaculture
Phase 0ne

We have finished roughing out the Meadow Path and have begun planting.
The first Permaculture component is a large banana circle. The bananas have been planted. The bananas are pups taken from other banana stands here at SunSport.
Because of the time of year and the level of the water table the center mulch pit will need to be finished being dug in a couple of months when the water table has dropped.
Once dug and filled with mulch it will absorb and hold water when it rains which will then be available to the bananas during dry times. Plus it greatly speeds the break down of garden waste into compost.
Check out our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the SunSport Permaculture Group.

Art & Naturism.......naturist spirited art

"I Went Naked to a Museum, and It Was … Revealing"

Naturists in Art 😉

The Palais de Tokyo’s “Visite Naturiste” — the first of its kind in France — has garnered a remarkable amount of public interest since it was announced in March.
naked in museum
Over 30,000 people indicated on Facebook that they were interested in the tour, and, according to Laurent Luft, 48, the president of the Paris Naturist Association, more than two million people visited the group’s Facebook page in recent weeks.
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Friday evening, November 1st, is Sunsport's monthly Community Drum Circle.

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