the photo galleries for the Family Youth Camp 2019 are now up!
The Summer Daze Music Medley for Young Adults was a great success. Six bands performed Saturday and Sunday on a stage in the drum circle area. A drumming circle with black light body painting took place on Friday evening.
There was also tie dye, Healing Touch, and a number of interesting workshops. Many thanks to Dominic DeLaney and Deww Parks for coordinating the event. The next weekend for young adults at Sunsport will be on the second weekend in December.
On Sunday, September 1st, the Island Brothers will play reggae music poolside in the afternoon. People will be dancing in and out of the pool. You won't want to sit still during their lively performance.
Join the fun.

the Garden Cafe.......whats cookin.....

Organic Fruits and Vegetables!

Diners are thrilled with the two new professional chefs in Sunsport's restaurant. Loredia and Quiana Jones are naturists who love Sunsport and preparing delicious, healthy meals. Come meet them and enjoy.
Nude on Striped Hammock 1974 by Philip Pearlstein born 1924
As mentioned in last month's column, a beautiful non-smoking gathering area will replace the Orchid Lawn smoking area on November 1st. Suggestions for development of the site are welcomed by the Planning Committee (Roger Byrd, John Dodge, Geoff Farmer, Theresa Frazier, and Morley Schloss).
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Check out Sunsport's website.The photo gallery for the 2019 Family Youth Camp are now up.

sunsport winter festival
September is the month I organize the program for the Midwinter Naturist Festival.

The 2020 Festival will be February 13-19

If you would like to lead workshops or activities for adults or children, please call me at
(561) 791-1361 or email me at
I will need to know the title and a one sentence description of your workshop(s). I will also need to know which days you will be attending the Festival, hopefully the whole time, and any special needs for your workshop/activity.
In early August, Theresa and I attended the Northeast Naturist Festival in at Empire Haven Family Nudist Resort in Central New York State.
The last week in August we attended the Eastern Naturist Gathering at a campground in western Massachusetts.
There were theatrical and musical performances and many interesting workshops at both events. A number of attendees plan to visit Sunsport this winter. Sunsport has an excellent reputation as a friendly resort and community where people can enjoy healthful, natural living.

Permaculture SunSport News

Kids Camp & Permaculture!
Camp 2019 LORES-77

The SunSport Permaculture
Initiative Lead Kid Camp Workshop

Geoff and John from The SunSport Permaculture Initiative helped the kids assemble and plant a Garden Tower planter. It holds 60 spots for plants growing in real soil AND houses an earth worm farm in the center tube to create a sustainable natural community.
The kids learned some important Permaculture principles and got some hands on experience how to grow healthy food in a small space regardless of where you live.
Check out our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the SunSport Permaculture Group.
Camp 2019 LORES-78

Art & Naturism.......naturist spirited art

Brian Lynn works on his canvas at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in East Gwillimbury. He was one of 13 artists taking part in the Naked State artist residency.
bare oaks DSC01728___Gallery
One of 13 artists from across the globe who decided to ditch their clothes for 10 days and take part in the “Naked State” artist residency at Bare Oaks organized by Arts Unfold in 2016. Read More
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Friday evening, September 6th, is Sunsport's monthly Community Drum Circle.

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