April is the month when many of our friends from the North head home. I’m sad to see them leave. They always bring much activity and fun to Sunsport. They are an important part of our community. On the bright side, they plan to return later in the year, when it gets cold up North. Some have told me that they have made reservations for accommodations two years in advance. On Sunday, April 1st, there will be a mammoth Easter Egg Hunt for the children and a Community Pot Luck Dinner.

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The Full Bloom Music Medley for Young Adults is the April 13-15 weekend. Once again , the Tribe is organizing a great musical program with many bands playing poolside.
On Friday evening there will be a Drum Circle with Black Light Body Painting and Fire Spinning.
On Saturday there will be a Poolside Luau and a large water slide. Bands include Bear Witness, Flint Blade, Raul, Box Rabbit, and Dr. Skitzo.
On Sunday Jay Baldo, Guavatron, Schindlers Fist, and Mustard Tiger will play. The weekend will also include relationship workshops, yoga, and much more.
Special rates for the weekend are ages 18-30: $20 for whole weekend including free tent camping in the drum circle area.
Over age 30, regular Sunsport rates: $25 per day (half price after 5 pm) with discounts for TNS and AANR members. (Tent camping free if partnered in tent with person aged 18-30.) Children always free. As with the Midwinter Naturist Festival, coupons for a free day for first time visitors will not be honored during the Full Bloom Music Medley Weekend.
A portion of the $20 registration fee will be contributed to the Phoenix Mission.

Sunsport is a naturist resort and community; it is not clothing-optional. As the large sign says at the entrance, “Sunsport Gardens is a clothes-free facility. Nudity is expected.” I have received a number of complaints that people are clothed. Now that we have consistently warm daytime temperatures, I would expect all people to be nude. Let’s set a good example for our guests. As always nudity is required in the fenced in area around the pool and hot tub spa except for the exceptions posted on the sign on the pavilion wall.

New rates for sites and rental accommodations are effective May 1st. Please check the accompanying rate sheet. At the same time, lower summer rates take effect. In May, annual site holders may opt for the lower summer rate with rates increasing substantially in November or the year round rate with rents half way between the summer and winter rates. If you wish to make a change in plans, please notify the office.

Let’s all enjoy one of the most beautiful months of the year at Sunsport.
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First Jack Fruit of the season!
Surinam Cherries are ripening.
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