Age of Aquarius Weekend January 25th and 26th

We just finished a fantastic year at Sunsport.

Sunsport's roads are the smoothest they have been in my memory. The swimming pool has been resurfaced. The central area has been beautifully painted using South Florida colors. Lights with revolving colors add magic to the pool and hot tub in the evenings. An attractive bamboo fence has been erected to separate Weekend Row from the volleyball courts. The Midwinter Naturist Festival is now the Naturist Society's best attended event of the year. The Children's Family Camp, now with the support of AANR as well as TNS, was an amazing community with fun and growth for all the campers. Most important are our community members and guests whose spirit inspires us all.

Welcome 2019!



We had a beautiful Holiday Season at Sunsport

The start was the Winter Wanderland Music Medley Weekend for young adults. The weekend was lots of fun with a drum circle, workshops, water play and several bands playing poolside. There were many returnees as well as first timers. One of the objectives of the Fests is to introduce new young people to naturism. It was a great success. It was a pleasure to see naturists of all ages intermingling and having fun together.
The caroling along the luminary lighted Sunsport roadways is always special.
Thanks to all the members who prepared and placed the magical luminaries.
On Christmas Eve, the pavilion was full for the traditional Yankee Present Swap.
Then Santa arrived with presents for all the Sunsport children, a joyous time for all.
Thanks to Santa and all the elves who decorated the pavilion and helped Santa to bring the gifts. On Christmas the pavilion was again full for the community holiday pot luck.
The New Year's Eve Bash was a huge success with live music by Jonnell Coss.
Special events for January include a Community Drum Circle on Friday the 4th, a Petanque Tournament on the January 26th and 27th weekend, Bob Fekete entertaining with music poolside on Sunday the 13th,a Yard Sale on Saturday the 19th, Bingo and Wiggle Waggle Bingo on Fridays the 30th and 18th, an Activities Committee Meeting open to all on Thursday the 24th, and the popular Age of Aquarius Weekend January 25th and 26th.
The Age of Aquarius Weekend will feature a live folk music coffee house with Bob Fekete on Friday and a psychedelic costume dance with live music by Main Street on Saturday.

On going activities include Water Aerobics Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, Line Dancing on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Yoga Wednesday afternoons, a Pot Luck meal followed by Game Nights on Wednesday evenings, Poker Tuesday evenings, a Conversations With God Book Discussion Group Sunday evenings, an Ice Cream Social to benefit the Family Children's Camp on Sunday afternoons, and regular Saturday evening dances. Of course, there is daily Petanque, Tennis, and Volleyball. Monday evening Square Dancing will start as soon as there is sufficient interest. Please let me know if you want to join in. All are welcome with no experience necessary.

As you can see, Sunsport has a full schedule of activities with something for all tastes. Thanks to Francine Goulet, Marty Menane, and Barbara Skinner who are coordinating the activities and to all the volunteers leading the activities.

Naturally Nude Cafe.......whats cookin.....

wild Salmon!

salmon 20181125_191221

The Smoothy Bar

on the restaurant deck will now be open Saturday and Sunday afternoons serving fresh fruit smoothies, pizza, hot pretzels, and fresh fruit bowls!
January is the month when members can sign up for seasonal sites for next year with people getting choices based upon their length of stay. This year cabin and trailer reservations can be made also giving priority to people based upon their length of stay. A list of available sites and accommodations is in the office.
See details below in this newsletter and on the bulletin boards.

On Thursday, the 24th, individual members have an opportunity to Meet The Board to ask questions, make suggestions, or simply comment.
Please sign up in the office.

Remember that daily ground fees increase on January 1st to $27 - or $22 for members of TNS, AANR, FQN, FCN, INF, or Bare Oaks with current membership cards. Ground fees for people aged 18-30 with student IDs or TNS membership cards remain at $6.

The dumpster in the recycling area has sometimes been overflowing recently. We can prevent this by placing recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard in the yellow bins and cans, plastics, and bottles in the blue bins. Most important, place large items such as platforms and furniture near, but not in, the dumpster. Place only bagged garbage in the dumpster.

The most recent issue of N Magazine (38.1), published by the Naturist Society, had three articles about events at Sunsport and many photos. Thanks to Paula Knudsen, Chris Carny, and Olivia Bosma for the well written articles. The issue also includes a Letter to the Editor which I wrote. If you are not already a member of the Naturist Society, please join to support their important work to educate people about naturism and expand opportunities for clothing-optional recreation. TNS membership forms are in the office.
Bears n Hot Tub
Sunsport's largest event, the Midwinter Naturist Festival, is coming soon, February 14th-19th. Sunsport always shines at the event thanks to the efforts of our dedicated staff and the many volunteers from the Sunsport community.

Call To Artists

2019 Mid-Winter Naturist Festival

Art Exhibit

Call to Artists Sunsport
This naturist themed art exhibit will be on display for the duration of the Festival and is open to all mediums. (Including: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation)

For more information or to submit your work, please contact [email protected].

All submissions please include resume, high resolution images or sketches/plans, and contact information.

Submission Deadline: January 15th, 2019

Permaculture SunSport News

Don't throw those pineapple tops away!
Just stick them in the ground, sun or shade.
In a year or two you will have a new pineapple.
And they will keep bearing for several years after that.
Be on the look out for slips and suckers - little plants that spring off the main stalk or sides of the developing fruit.
Planting those will yield a pineapple even faster than planting the top will.
Check out our FaceBook page for more details and meetings of the SunSport Permaculture Group.
Reservation and Deposit Policy 2019-2020
Reservation Policy 2020
2018 Rate Sheet
rate sheet 2018
reprinted from the October Newsletter

Greetings from your new Winter Activities Committee!

Marty Menane, Barbara Skinner, Francine Goulet, and Irene Byers

We are energized and excited, and hope to bring some fun in the form of old favorite activities as well as some new ones. We are also volunteers … so be patient and be nice. ;-) You are key to the level of frivolity we can experience so join with us in creating enjoyable events for all of us this winter.

Returning are many of our favorite activities: water aerobics, line dancing with Barb and Gigi, Petanque, volleyball, square dancing, cards (wink wink), Zumba, yoga. Planned additions include a weekly book/conversation group (info to come soon), a Mardi Gras parade (turn your creative juices loose!), a Gong Show talent competition (should be funny!). We've also arranged with Sunsport management to have an Ice Cream Hour every Sunday because, well, who doesn't love ice cream!?!

If you have a skill or craft you'd like to teach or lead to an interested group, let us hear about it. We can help you put together a 2-6 week class or even a one-meeting event, or maybe you have a class that you've done previously. Woodworking, fiber arts (knit, crochet, etc.), self-defense, dance lessons, weaving, book group. What's your passion? Folks are looking for interesting things to do and learn. Let's take this opportunity to share our skills, interests, and passions.

The Saturday night dances are on! Main Street will be returning to play for our Age of Aquarius Dance in January, and Bobby & Debbie are on board to provide entertainment. Planned themes this year are: Age of Aquarius, The Red Dance (wear red), Mardi Gras, a Country Dance, and Leather & Lace. Many dances will be hosted by Guest DJs. We've lined up a few DJs already, and have slots available if you are interested. Contact a committee member for additional details.

The Activities Committee functions on a small budget from Sunsport but heavily on your financial contributions. (Remember, we also enjoy some of the best rental fees in South Florida.) We will be holding 50/50s every Saturday with all funds going toward activities for us all to enjoy. Perhaps you can make a decision ahead of time to budget a contribution toward the Activities Committee; make it a habit to stop by to the pool area and get in on the 50/50s each Saturday, also throw a contribution into the various jars you'll find at bake sales, etc. We thank you and promise to do our very best with everything you share.

Contact info: Marty Menane ([email protected]), Barbara Skinner ([email protected]), Francine Goulet ([email protected]), Irene Byers
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