Photography Policy


Photography at Sunsport is important both to inform people about Sunsport and for people to be
able to share their experiences at Sunsport with friends. The purpose of this policy is to provide a
sensible framework for members and guests to enjoy opportunities for photography which
contribute to our quality of life while respecting individuals privacy concerns. No photography is
permitted within Sunsport Gardens grounds and facilities, except as provided in this policy.

Every device with a camera lens must have bright red electrical tape covering all photographic
lenses during your stay at Sunsport. The bright red tape demonstrates your respect for the privacy
of others and is intended to provide a greater sense of security among fellow members and guests.
The red tape covering is not to be removed at any time while at Sunsport except as provided below.

Exceptions as provided below:

Individuals may take photos when accompanied by a Manager, a Board Member, or a management
designated Staff member.

Individuals wishing to take spontaneous nature photos on the premises, may do so  without
permission Only If No Person is in the photo or near the immediate area of the photo.

Individuals wishing to take photos in out of the way places must have written permission on their
person, from Sunsport management specifying the area, subjects to be in the photos, the day and
the time of these photos with a copy filed in the Office.

Individuals may set up a temporary photo studio with written permission from Sunsport's

Individual photographers are fully responsible for the content and use of their photos.

Sunsport may from time to time, designate Official Photographers to document events and activities. All of Sunsport's Official Photographers must pass a criminal background check before a badge is issued. Official Photographers must be clearly identified with a necklace badge that states "Official Photographer".  At large events, wrist/ankle bands may be issued to indicate whether or not a person is willing to be photographed. All photographs taken by Official Photographers at Sunsport are the exclusive property of Sunsport Gardens and may be used at Sunsport's discretion. Photographs taken by Official Photographers at Sunsport cannot be used for any purpose without Sun sport's written permission.


Official Photographers and individuals must have verbal or written permission from the person being photographed before including the said person in a photograph. In the case of a minor, written consent filed in the Office is required from a parent or guardian prior to photography. Photography of any activity which violates Sunsport's regulations or standards of behavior is prohibited.