Pet Registration Policy

Pet Registration Policy


Guests visiting Sunsport must register dogs and cats with the office providing proof of current rabies vaccination, the pets name and a description of the pet for identification purposes. A packet containing the rules concerning pets will be given to the guest at this time.

Long Term Guests/Members
Guests or members residing at Sunsport for more than one (1) month must comply with the following:

a.) Dogs and Cats must be registered with the office providing the name of the licensed owner, the pets name, the pet’s age and description of the pet.

b.) Dogs and cats must have up to date vaccinations. Proof of current rabies vaccination must be on file with the office.

c.) Dog and Cats must be licensed in Palm Beach County. Proof of compliance must be filed with the office. License types available:

1.) Sterilized dog or cat.

2.) Non-sterilized dog or cat. (Special conditions apply.)

3.) Juvenile license tag for puppies and kittens under four months old.

4.) Owners of pets used for breeding must provide a current Palm Beach county breeders license.

d.) Name, address and phone number of veterinarian with pets records.
(Copies of other medical and/or training records (dogs) should also be submitted to the office if available.)

e.) A picture of the pet used for identification, must be on file with the office.

f.) Dogs and cats must have collars with a tag identifying the pet's name, the owner's name, and the site number on which the pet belongs. (Wal-mart has a machine that makes these tags at a cost of $3.00 - $5.00.)