Sunsport Newsletter January 2017

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Sunsport Gardens


January 2017


And Now … a Word from Morley Schloss


We had a beautiful Holiday Season at Sunsport. The start was the Winter Wanderland Music Medley weekend for young adults. The weekend was lots of fun with a drum circle, workshops, water play and nine bands playing pool side. There were many returnees as well as first timers. One of the objectives of the Fests is to introduce new young people to naturism. It was a great success. It was a pleasure to see naturists of all ages intermingling and having fun together. Thanks to Brandon Steinbrecher of The Tribe for organizing the music and promoting the event.

The caroling along the luminary lighted Sunsport roadways is always special. Thanks to all the members who prepared and placed the magical luminaries. On Christmas Eve, the pavilion was full for the traditional Yankee Present Swap. Then Santa arrived with presents for all the Sunsport children on Christmas Eve, a joyous time for all. Thanks to Santa and all the elves who decorated the pavilion and helped Santa to bring the gifts. Then, on Christmas the pavilion was again full for the community, holiday pot luck.

Square Dancing will start on Monday evening, January 2nd. All are welcome with no experience necessary. It augments other regular seasonal events such as Water Aerobics, Yoga, and Zumba classes. Special events for January include Vic Bottrill on Saturday, January 7th, and Rick Nelson on Saturday the 21st, both playing by the pool. A Petanque Tournament will be held the 14th and 15th. A community yard sale will be Saturday, the 21st. Then the "horses" will race around the pool on Derby Day, Sunday, the 22nd. Come bet with Sunsport funny money on your favorite horse or be a jockey. After the races, stay for the dead horse auction. The always fun Age of Aquarius Weekend will be January 27-29 with a psychedelic coffee house on Friday and a costume dance with live music by the Main Street Band on Saturday.

January is the month when members can sign up for seasonal sites for next year with people getting choices based upon their length of stay. See details in this newsletter and on the bulletin boards.

On Thursday, the 26th, individual members have an opportunity to Meet The Board to ask questions, make suggestions, or simply comment. Please sign up in the office.

As some people have noticed, the laundromat machines have frequently been out-of-service needing repairs. Overloading has been a partial cause. (The machines should be only half full.) Sunsport is responding to the problem by purchasing three commercial grade washing machines and two commercial driers. Watch for them soon.

Some members have met with a representative of Comcast to discuss improving Sunsport's free WiFi service and people's individual WiFi service. We developed suggestions which would both enhance service and save money. Mindi Little has prepared information on the suggestions.

The dumpster in the recycling area has sometimes been overflowing recently. We can prevent this by placing recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard in the yellow bins and cans, plastics, and bottles in the blue bins. Most important, place large items such as platforms and furniture near, but not in, the dumpster. Place only bagged garbage in the dumpster.

Sunsport has purchased a new, quality chipper to turn yard waste such as palm fronds and even trees into mulch rather than burning it. This is another step in Sunsport's effort to move toward environmental sustainability.

It has been reported that people occasionally are sneaking into Sunsport, sometimes in the middle of the night. If you see someone suspicious, particularly if the person appears intoxicated or is engaged in inappropriate behavior, please call the Sunsport number, 561-793-0423, right away at any hour.

The most recent issue of N Magazine (36.1), published by the Naturist Society, had five articles about events at Sunsport and many photos. Thanks to Tracy Horgan, Lloyd Sparks, Samantha Bono, Michael Bootzin, and Simone Setzer for the well written articles. If you are not already a member of the Naturist Society, please join to support their important work to educate people about naturism and expand opportunities for clothing-optional recreation. TNS membership forms are in the office.

I am proud that Young Naturists of America (YNA) chose Sunsport Gardens as one of eight naturist resorts in the world to recommend to for a winter vacation. YNA has an interesting and informative website. Regardless of age, you can join YNA by filling out a form in the Sunsport office.

Becky Elliott has resigned from Sunsport's management for health reasons. Sandra Reamer has also resigned. They have both made valuable contributions to Sunsport. The transition to a team approach in each Sunsport department is progressing smoothly.

Sunsport's largest event, the Midwinter Naturist Festival, is coming soon, February 16-21. Sunsport always shines at the event thanks to the efforts of our dedicated staff and the many volunteers from the Sunsport community.

The Labyrinth was recently weeded and mulched with pine needles, and Jamaican Sweet potato planted as an edible ground cover under the Banana Circle is doing quite well.
Photos by Aaron Frost.


Meet The Board

The Annual Meet The Board will be held on Thursday January 26, 2016, from 7pm to 9pm. Do you have something to say or suggest to the Board of Directors? Then, please sign up at the office for a 10 minute time-slot. If all time periods are full, please still continue to sign up. We want to hear from you and will make arrangements for you to be heard. Your comments and suggestions are very helpful to us when it comes to making decisions for our futures at Sunsport. We love you all and can't wait to hear from you!




Reservation and Deposit Policy for 2017-2018

Winter Season

December 24, 2016



Per the established Board of Directors Policy, we will use the staggered reservation system as we have in years past. This system allows the length of the reservation to determine when the reservation can be made in order to give priority to longer-term reservations. This policy applies to current members. On January 2, 2017, we will begin accepting month to month camping reservations for next season. These reservations will be accepted for arrival dates beginning October 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018. Here is the reservation schedule for this year:


January 2 to January 8 We will accept 6 month and greater reservations

January 9 to January 15 We will accept 5 month and greater reservations

January 16 to January 22 We will accept 4 month and greater reservations

January 23 to January 29 We will accept 3 month and greater reservations


Sunsport will require a site reservation deposit of $281 for primitive tenting sites, $412 for primitive RV sites and $523 for standard sites. Of the deposit, $100 is non-refundable if for a specific site. Any reservation canceled less than 30 days in advance but greater than 14 days is subject to a 50% refund. No refund will be made for reservations canceled less than 14 days in advance. Should a guest depart early, the guest may not participate in the site selection process in the future.


Reservations for 3 months or longer may be made for specific sites. Those on an existing site will have priority for that site among those applying for the same length of stay. Please let us know the site you are reserving at the time the reservation is made. The Office has a list of available sites. Reservations for periods less than 3 months will be accepted, but not for particular sites. If changes are made to reservations that are less than the original reservation length for a specific site, the specific site choice can no longer be guaranteed.


We look forward to having you back next year as part of our community. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns on this policy.




Every Sat & Sun:  Volleyball at 1 PM
Every Mon-Fri   :  Volleyball at 4 PM
Every Day          :  Petanque 2 PM (Listen for Bell)
Every Mon         :  Square Dancing in the Pavilion 8 PM (Watch for signs)
Every Wed         :  Pot Luck Dinner in the Pavilion 6 PM
Every Thu           :  Card Night 7 PM in the Pavilion
Mon, Wed, Fri    :  Water Aerobics 11 AM Beginning November 14th
First Fri               :  Drum Circle
Every Sat             :  Kid’s Party 6:30 PM-7:30 PM
Every Sat             :  Regular Saturday Night Dance (see monthly calendar) 8PM-11:30PM
Every Tues          :  Country Line Dancing Lessons 11 AM (Starting Jan 3)    
Every Thurs:    Yoga 11:00 AM  in the pavilion (watch for signs)
Every Thurs:          Zumba Class  10:00 AM in the pavilion (watch for signs)


3, Tues: Country Line Dancing Lessons begin – 11 AM in the Pavilion;  ALSO: Activities Club Meeting – All invited – 7 PM in the Pavilion
4: Wed:   Pot Luck Dinner in Pavilion – 6 PM; Bring a dish to share, drink, plate and utensils;  Also: Bingo Night- $1 per card; “priceless prizes”.   After pot luck until ?
6, Fri:  First Friday Drum Circle – bring your drums and join in at the fire circle at 9 PM
7, Sat:   Music Poolside by Vic Bottrill 12-4. Restaurant will serve poolside 11-1; Regular Saturday Night DJ Dance - 8:00 PM-11:30PM
8, Sun:   Karaoke – 8 PM in the pavilion
 11, Wed:  Pot Luck Dinner in Pavilion – 6 PM; Bring a dish to share, drink, plate and utensils;
Also:  Game Night- Bring your cards, train dominoes, board games, dice games in the restaurant 7 PM
13, Fri:   Happy Hour – BYOB and snack to share - 5-6 PM – in the Pavilion; ALSO:  WIGGLE-WAGGLE BINGO - $1 let’s you play all night – priceless prizes!!!- 7 PM in the Pavilion;
14,Sat:   Petanque Tournament (Number 1 of  2) - Sat & Sun – must register a week prior to tournament  Sign up during the daily 2:00 pm Petanque game – meet at the Petanque court at 10 AM to pick teams;  ALSO:  Crazy T-shirt/ Crazy Hat Dance - 8:00 PM-11:30PM – Wear your craziest shirt/hat – Prizes will be given
15, Sun:  Second day of Petanque Tournament – start time 11 AM; Also: Karaoke – 8 PM in the Pavilion
18, Wed:  Pot Luck Dinner in Pavilion – 6 PM; Bring a dish to share, drink, plate and utensils;     
        Also:  Bingo Night- $1 per card; “priceless prizes”.   After pot luck until ?
20, Fri:  Happy Hour – BYOB and snack to share - 5-6 PM – in the Pavilion  Also:  Stardust Memories Dance  8:00-10:00 pm in the pavilion
21, Sat:  Yard Sale 8 AM – Noon; See Corey Lot B to sign up;  Also: Music poolside by Rick Nelson – 12-4 PM; Bring Cash for 50/50, restaurant will be serving on the deck 11:00-1:30; Also:  Ice Cream Social 1:30-2:30 PM on restaurant deck; Also:   Switch-a-roo Dance  Guys come dressed as gals; gals come dressed as guys!!
22, Sun:   DERBY DAY – A day at the races like you’ve never seen – poolside.  Starting gun goes off at 1:00 pm POOLSIDE! Dead Horse Auction follows immediately; (Raindate Sun 1/29) Restaurant will be serving on the deck 11:00 AM-1:00 PM  Also:  Ice Cream Social 1:30-2:30 PM on restaurant deck   Also:  Karaoke – 8 PM in the Pavilion
25, Wed:  Pot Luck in the Pavilion 6 PM- Bring a dish to share, bring your own drink and plate and utensils.  Also:  Game Night- Bring your cards, train dominoes, board games, dice games in the restaurant 7 PM
26, Thurs: Meet the Board – 7-9 PM at Morley’s Lot – Sign up in the office for your time slot
*ATTENTION ALL HIPPIES** (Past and Present)
Just like it was – 3 days of fun and music    Poolside music all weekend
Zeppelin, Baez, Dylan, Hendrix, CSN&Y, Donovan, Doors, Cream, and more…
27, Fri: Old Time “Coffee House” – 8:00-10:00 pm
Psychedelic 60’s
Get your peace signs, head bands, love beads, incense and sandals.
Dig the scene, music and munchies as you release your inner Hippie.
We will have fresh coffee, tea and delicious era appropriate snacks available for purchase.
28, Sat:   The AGE OF AQUARIUS – Dance to live music by “Main Street”  8:00-11:30 pm in the pavilion   
29, Sun:    Music by the pool

Events Subject to change


1, Wed:  Pot Luck Dinner in Pavilion – 6 PM; Bring a dish to share, drink, plate and utensils; Also: Bingo Night- $1 per card; “priceless prizes”, After pot luck until ?
3, Fri:  Drum Circle – Bring your drums and join in - 9 PM at fire circle
4, Sat: Live Music by the pool with Mark DeLeon 12-4 PM Bring cash for 50/50; Restaurant will be serving on the deck.  ALSO: Super Bowl Pre-Party Dance 8 – 1
5, Sun:  CHILI COOK-OFF AND SUPER BOWL PARTY – Sign up in advance if you want
to submit your special chili–4:00 pm in the pavilion - and don’t forget the Super Bowl Pool ($5 per square) Super Bowl Party at 6 PM in the pavilion
7, Tues:  Activities Club Meeting – 7:00 PM in the Pavilion – All invited; Also:  Festival Volunteer Meeting 8 PM in the pavilion
8, Wed:  Pot Luck Dinner in Pavilion – 6 PM; Bring a dish to share, drink, plate and utensils;  Also: Trivia Night- After pot luck until ? Prizes will be awarded
10, Fri:   Happy Hour – BYOB and snack to share - 5-6 PM - in the Pavilion
              Also: Country Western Dance (Including some line dancing) 8:30-??? PM
11, Sat:  St. Valentine’s Dance PROM NIGHT with live music by Jonnell Coss  –   Come dressed in your best attire – guys get your sweetie a corsage and gals your beau a bottoniere, pictures by Maureen  8:00 PM – 11:30 PM  in the Pavilion
12, Sun:  Live Music with Valerie White by the pool 11:30-3:00 PM.  Restaurant will be serving on the deck 11:30- 1:30 PM;  Ice Cream Social on deck 1:30-2:30 PM Bring Cash for 50/50; Also: CHINESE AUCTION 12-4 PM in the Pavilion.  To donate sign up in office. Also: Ice Cream Social 1:30 – 2:30 PM on restaurant deck; Also: Karaoke 8-10 PM in the pavilion
15, Wed:  Festival Pot Luck Dinner in Pavilion – 6 PM; Bring a dish to share, drink, plate and utensils;   Also:  Bingo Night- $1 per card; “priceless prizes”, After pot luck until ?
16-21 Thurs-Tues:  MID-WINTER FESTIVAL – see Festival program for activities
18, Sat:  Bloodmobile – 10 AM to 3 PM in the parking lot
22, Wed:  Pot Luck Dinner in Pavilion – 6 PM; Bring a dish to share, drink, plate and utensils;   Also:  Game Night- Bring your cards, train dominoes, board games, dice games in the restaurant 7 PM
24, Fri:  Happy Hour – BYOB and snack to share - 5-6 PM - in the Pavilion Also:  Wiggle-Waggle Bingo – $1 allows you to pay all night 7:00 ‘til 8:30 PM; Also:  Stardust Memories Romantic Dance  8:30-10:00 pm
25, Sat:  Mardi Gras Dance – with live music by Michelle Lynn 8:00-11:30 PM in the pavilion Bring cash for 50/50
26, Sun:   Sixth Annual Coed Volleyball Tournament – sign up in advance – limited to 30 -36 players – At the volleyball court at 10:00 AM
28, Tues:  Volunteer Appreciation Desserts – 8 PM in the pavilion

Events Subject to change








Photos by Aaron Frost.


It is the intention of this newsletter to inform members, visitors and the curious as to the activities and the “goings-on” here at SSG. Your input, suggestions and contributions are anxiously and eagerly accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Sunsport Gardens at 561-793-0423 or e-mail the Sunsport Gardens office. Please have any articles, letters or digital photos delivered to the Sunsport Gardens Office by January 25th for possible inclusion in the February issue. Thank you.

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