Sunsport Gardens Youth Camp 2012

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July 7 - 15, 2012


Naturist Society Youth Camp

By Sandra Reamer

If you are a family with children 18 and under and are looking for 8 fun-filled days of acceptance, growth, freedom and fun, all you need to do is come to Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort in July. Each year in July Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, hosts The Naturist Society’s youth camp. Last summer we hosted the Fourth Annual Naturist Society Youth Camp.

As Youth Camp Director, each year I have learned ways to do things better for the next year. The Youth Camp is not just a place for children to learn new things, learn body acceptance, play games, go to the beach, or even embrace a lifestyle. I have learned that this experience is a family reunion. This year we had a total of 18 children which included all of the children and families that attended last year’s Youth Camp. With everyone returning and new families joining, I have learned that this is the one time as parents we can watch and experience this lifestyle choice with our children to its fullest potential. All the families that come to Youth Camp express their struggles with finding a place that accepts families with children and more specifically a place where many families gather in one place so that the children have other children with whom to do things. Youth Camp is this time! Families from all over the country gather together to embrace our lifestyle choice to its fullest. Campers enjoy reuniting and meeting friends from all over the country - and all the activities that are planned are just a bonus!

There are so many activities that it is hard to say that any one was more fun than the next because all the activities had a different kind of fun. All week we enjoyed the pool, activities all over camp, canoeing and kayaking. We even had a canoe in the pool. Every day of the week we also enjoyed telling stories, making s’mores and tenting around the campfire. Somehow, every day we managed to get our bodies covered in paint. From body imprints to a slip-n-slide that required paint not bubbles! If it wasn’t paint we had syrup on us from a twisted game of twister! Oh, and let’s not forget tye-dye! Each day we enjoyed an ice cream social which was cool and refreshing. The final ice cream social had us with more ice cream on us than in us! Throughout the week we participated in workshops that included body acceptance, being proud of who we are, conflict resolution, getting along with pets, existing with nature, first aid, animation, 2 nights of karaoke, a dance, movie night, water balloon fights, and one very fun filled day at Haulover Beach (with a great lunch provided by South Florida Free Beaches), which was followed by a pizza party and a swim back at Sunsport.

At the camp, all the children grow in self-confidence, independence, creativity and skills while having great fun. Leading the Youth Camp is a joyful experience. At the end of each year I am filled with pride for each camper, sadness that it is over, and glee that it all will happen again next year. Our Family Reunion.

Check out Sunsport’s website,, for Youth Camp photos and a great claymation video created by the campers. Next summer’s Naturist Society Youth Camp will be held Saturday, July 16, through Sunday, July 24. Campers are welcome with or without their families. For information and registration, check Sunsport’s website or contact me at or (561) 215-5718. There will also be a Mini-Youth Camp during the Midwinter Naturist Festival, February 11-16, at Sunsport Gardens.


Thanks to everyone who attended Youth Camp 2010

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